Multifunction wristwatch with MP3 player from Mercedes-Benz

Multifunction wristwatch with MP3 player from Mercedes-Benz

  • MP3 player with 512 MB memory capacity for eight hours of musical enjoyment

  • Direct download from a PC via a USB cable in the watch strap

MP3 Watch From Mercedes
Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is offering its trend-conscious customers a highlight in mobile entertainment technology. Inside its silver-coloured housing with a facetted star on the dial, the MP3 watch by Mercedes-Benz combines a state-of-the-art MP3 player, a voice recorder and a flash memory with a high-quality watch mechanism. Practical accessories such as earplugs, a headphone adapter, a USB extension cable, a mains adapter and a useful online manual provide easy access to the MP3 world. The Mercedes-Benz MP3 watch is part of the Mercedes-Benz “Edition B” Collection, and will be available at the beginning of June for the market launch of the new B-Class. In addition to the watch, the collection includes a sporty ladies bag, a key ring and a baseball cap.

Easy entry to the MP3 world with plug & play

The USB socket integrated into the strap is a special feature of this wristwatch. This interface makes it very easy to connect the Mercedes-Benz MP3 watch with a PC or laptop. Installing the MP3 software is not necessary if WinME/2000/XP is used, while a CD-ROM with appropriate software is provided for installation under Win98. Once the connection is made, downloading can begin. Customers are able to try out their watch using the online manual at An MP3 show provides an initial overview.

512 MB of memory guarantee eight hours of listening pleasure worn on the wrist

The Mercedes-Benz MP3 watch has a flash memory with a capacity of 512 MB – enough to listen to your favourite songs for a full eight hours. No comparable product currently available offers more memory capacity. If the watch is connected with a PC via the USB socket, the Li-ion battery is automatically charged. The charging time is a maximum of 2 hours. This high-quality watch has its own power supply. The integral microphone and voice recorder enable voice recordings with a duration of up to 36 hours to be made. The 1.5-metre long earplug cable allows the greatest possible freedom of movement even when engaging in sporting activities. Despite a wealth of features, for example four equaliser functions, the watch is simple and intuitive to operate. The MP3 watch provides the customer with mobile memory capacity and enables them to compile their own entertainment programme when away from home. Text, graphics and substantial presentations can also be taken to a business meeting in this way, for example.

Extensive media range at

Under the menu item “Entertainment”, the Mercedes website offers an additional highlight in the form of a wide range of entertainment in MP3 format, with more than eleven hours of music which can be downloaded free of charge. Music fans are able to put together their own personal soundtrack with songs by famous soul, jazz, hiphop, pop and rock artists. The same platform has well-known European songs, audio games, fairytales and stories for children. Exciting detective thrillers, short stories, poems and tales by popular authors are available to entertain adults. The website also has high-quality audio magazines relating to travel, science and social topics.

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