New A Class - A Member's Review

The New 150 Classic when let out of it's stable looks good, My initial impressions are that it is much quieter on the road compared to mine, the rattles have gone and it's very smooth running.

New A Class

I like the colour of this car although I wasn't so keen on the black trim and all black plastic which didn't give the same feel as my walnut finish, on doors trims and centre consul. The wheel trims are out for me, I would want alloy wheels I as I can't stand having wheel embellishes which judging by the numbers and variety that can be seen along our roads come detached from almost all types of cars.

Driving position is unchanged but I did fined the repositioned handbrake a little close to the drivers seat and it got in the way when doing up the seat belt. I also feel that a shorter person, I'm six foot will have difficulty getting sufficient lift on the handbrake to get the brakes to really bite if parking on an incline, Albeit the vehicle can always be placed in gear as a safe guard. I liked the new dash arrangement which seemed to bring the windscreen closer to the driving position.

The dash layout was different! The digital details which catch the eye are in Kmph where in fact on the left there is a standard mileometer. Interesting to note that the first 'B' Service on this car is due in 12242, indicated by One Big Spanner. So this car does more miles between services? I wonder only time will tell!
Then of course there is the new style key , no fold away metal just plastic and technology, and no alarm key, although an alarm is fitted.

New A Class Speedo

The rear suspension has been completely changed with very substantial base plates for the rear springs.

New A Class Suspension

The floor of the boot is adjustable, and the change from normal to low can be done with one hand

New A Class Boot Floor

Thanks to Albert Rowe (lofty) for this article and pictures