Mercedes-Benz: High Level of Incoming Orders for New A-Class in Europe

High Level of Incoming Orders for New A-Class in Europe

More than 50,000 orders received from customers in Western Europe

  • Sales volume already matches annual sales target

  • Market launch as scheduled on the weekend of September 10-11

More than 50,000 orders for the new A-Class have already been received only ten weeks after the vehicle was released for sale in Western Europe. More than 32,000 orders have been placed in Germany alone, which is the largest market for the A-Class. “We are very satisfied with how incoming orders are developing for the new A-Class,” says Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes Car Group. “Even before the vehicle is scheduled to be presented in the dealers' showrooms, sales have already reached this year’s target of 50,000 units.”

As was announced at the world premiere on June 28, the five-door version of the new Mercedes-Benz A Class will hit showrooms on September 10. From September 6 to 8, a total of 800 drivers from 24 countries in Europe will have the opportunity to test the new A-Class on Europe's "dream routes" as part of the "Star-Tour" campaign. And only a few weeks after the market launch of the five-door version, a three-door version will be added to the vehicle lineup for the first time.

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