Christina Aguilera and Giorgio Armani - Prominent ambassadors of the “Follow your own star” motto

Christina Aguilera and Giorgio Armani - Prominent ambassadors of the “Follow your own star” motto

The recording artist Christina Aguilera and the top designer Giorgio Armani are two personalities who have gone their own ways while always believing in themselves and reaping success in the process. The Star Tour finale event will feature Christina Aguilera’s first live public performance of the song “Hello”, which she composed for the market launch of the new A-Class. Giorgio Armani will be presenting his current Emporio Armani autumn collection.

Exclusive song for the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class - “Hello” from Christina Aguilera

The underlying theme of the song “Hello” by Christina Aguilera takes up the motto of the A-Class campaign - “Follow your own star.” Mercedes-Benz is using this exclusive song in its marketing activities throughout Europe. From 28th June 2004, fans will be able to listen to the original version of “Hello” on the A Class website, where it will be available to download free-of-charge for a specific period of time.

“The words of the song are meant to motivate people and give them the courage to believe in themselves,” says Christina Aguilera. “I’ve always followed my own star, and I succeeded in finding my own style. That’s my recipe for success, and it’s also the message of this song and of the new A-Class.”

The song also reflects an important part of the life story of the singer and songwriter. Christina Aguilera was born in the USA in 1980 and even as a young girl knew what she wanted to do later in life: perform on a stage.

From talent show competitions to international superstardom.

The energetic young talent recorded her first track at the age of 17. In August 1999, her first album, Christina Aguilera, appeared. It became a mega success. Three songs from the album stormed to the top of international charts, among them “Genie in a Bottle” and “What a Girl Wants”. More than ten million CDs were sold and the young performer was awarded a Grammy for “Best New Artist”.

But despite the tremendous success, the new teen idol felt nervous and restless. “I didn’t feel comfortable with the image that had been built up around me and my music,” she says. “It felt as if I was putting on a show for everyone and hiding behind it. That hurt.” That’s why Christina Aguilera decided to make a brand new beginning. First she sought creative collaborations with other international stars and recorded the super hit “Lady Marmalade” with Pink, Mya, and Lil’ Kim.

But that wasn’t enough. Fearlessly, Christina started to free herself from the pressure of the mass media and her own image that was hiding her true self and the full breadth of her talent. She expanded her creative limits, broke the rules, and developed her own musical style that she expressed in her latest album, Stripped.

The music on the album was a declaration of independence and a convincing demonstration of her wild and original talent. “Real feelings were important,” she says. And following her own heart, her own feelings, has really paid off for Christina Aguilera. Five singles from the album, including “Beautiful”, “Can’t Hold Us Down”, and “Impossible”, conquered the hit parades. In 2004, Christina Aguilera received another Grammy Award, this time as “Best Female Pop Artist”.

Christina Aguilera is certain that she has found her personal style today. “Take rules, reinvent them, and make them into what suits you best. All of the great people in history broke old rules and revised them in their own special way. That’s what made them who they are today: Legends.”

Giorgio Armani’s current fall collection, “Emporio Armani”

“The most important thing is that you have your own signature, that you follow your own line and resist the temptation of being swayed by the trends and fads of fashion.” This is the credo of Giorgio Armani.

His success story speaks for itself. In the course of his nearly 30-year career, Giorgio Armani has always single-mindedly pursued his ideas of style, elegance, innovation, and quality. Giorgio Armani has created a distinctive style, is among the most important fashion designers of the 20th century, and remains one of the most successful personalities in the fashion world to this day.

In honor of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class Star Tour, Giorgio Armani will present a fashion show on 9th September, 2004. No rules, a sense of fun, and plenty of urban glamour are just a few of the attributes that represent the collection.

With the support they are providing for the A-Class launch, Mercedes-Benz and Giorgio Armani are continuing their close cooperation in the context of the partnership formed in 2003 on the basis of their shared passion for design and style.

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