Christina Aguilera's Latest Hit Available as Free Download for Market Launch of New A-Cl

  • Integrated communication for 24 European markets

  • Mercedes-Benz “Star Tour” unites Europe

For the market launch of the new A-Class, Mercedes-Benz is breaking new ground in the field of brand communication: With the slogan “Follow your own star,” the automaker will be linking 24 European markets in a unified, integrated marketing campaign. “The campaign for the market launch of the new A-Class is entirely in keeping with the character of our smallest production series,” said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Mercedes Car Group, Sales and Marketing. “It sums up the outlook of our target group, which consists of young people and those who are still young at heart. 'Follow your own star' is a motto aimed at open-minded, self-confident people who go their own inimitable way in unconventional directions. The A-Class has also resolutely gone its own way and today it is setting benchmarks with regard to safety, design and flexibility in its own market segment and far beyond it.”

The main themes of the campaign will be communicated via the special website created for the market launch at Starting on June 28, the day of the world premiere of the new A-Class, Internet users will be able to go to this website to hear a brand-new song: “Hello” by Christina Aguilera, which was composed and produced exclusively for the market launch of the A-Class. What's more, they'll be able to download the original version free of charge.

With this campaign, Mercedes-Benz is taking a new approach in the field of audiovisual communication as well, since the song is not available through traditional sales channels — it can only be downloaded from the Web. “The guiding motto 'Follow your own star' appeals to people who go their own way and believe in their own ideals in spite of all obstacles,” said Justus Schneider, Director Worldwide Marketing Communications Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. “Christina Aguilera exemplifies this motto to a T. So the message conveyed by her song 'Hello' interprets the basic thrust of our marketing campaign perfectly.”

Information about the Mercedes-Benz “Star Tour”, a for-day tour of 800 participants from 24 European countries, will also be communicated via the website National URLs such as link to this international website. Anyone interested in participating can register for the “Star Tour” on the Internet. This communication platform also provides ample opportunities for interactive dialogue. The registered users will form a Europe-wide community within which they can exchange ideas and impressions with fellow enthusiasts. Here too, the basic idea is “Follow your own star.” The highlights of the tour will be documented in texts and images and updated daily starting on September 6.

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