** Christina Aguilera says an exclusive "Hello" to the new A-Class **

When Mercedes-Benz presents the new A-Class in late June, the world will hear one voice rising clearly above the fray–that of Christina Aguilera.

The American pop star’s latest song, a rocking number called "Hello," will exclusively accompany the launch activities of the new A-Class. Christina Aguilera will present "Hello" live for Mercedes-Benz.

The song’s message reflects the heart of the new Mercedes marketing campagne, "Follow your own star." This adage is the motto of the A-Class and its customers-stay true to who you are, be self-confident, know that you are unique and remain firm to your ideals and your vision. Mercedes-Benz and its customers are committed to the principles captured in this simple phrase: "Follow your own star." This is what distinguishes true character, as is shown by Christina Aguilera.

"Following my own star." has been the story of my career. I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. One thing that I’ve definitely learned is how important it is to follow my own heart, my own instincts and that, I can say, is what betters me every day” says Christina Aguilera.

"Follow your own star." has been at the heart of Christina Aguilera’s success and is the message of her new song "Hello." Christina Aguilera and the A-Class-both committed to following their own star. On their own, confident and in their own unique way.

"The A-Class underlines the importance of believing in success in order to truly achieve it. Christina Aguilera lives and breathes this philosophy and truly follows her own star. Nobody could have translated this motto into music as well as Christina Aguilera," notes J. Justus Schneider, Director Worldwide Marketing Communications Mercedes-Benz & Maybach.

An instrumental version of "Hello" can be heard now on www.follow-your-own-star.com, and the original single, complete with vocals, will be available for listening on the web site starting June 28.

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