Vaneo - 768 different seating configurations

Upto 7 seats or more than 3,000 litres of luggage space

Integral child seats fitted as standard in the rear of "Family" line

Two special child seats available as an option for the third row of seats

Customers ordering the pioneering Mercedes-Benz Vaneo com­pact van with a removable front passenger seat and two child seats for the third row of seats will be able to choose from a possible 768 different com­binations for the seven seats. "The Mercedes-Benz Vaneo is a multifunc­tional solution for discerning customers. Whilst the seat system is just one part of a concept which meets the wants and needs of young families, lei­sure-oriented couples and single people in particular, it is becoming in­creasingly important on an everyday basis," confirms Dr. Rolf Bartke, Head of the Mercedes-Benz Vans business unit.

The Vaneo may measure just 4.2 metres in length, but its innovative sand­wich construction leaves over 65 percent of the vehicle's capacity free for passengers and their luggage. Plus, with all the passenger seats removed the interior height of the Vaneo measures 1,240 millimetres all the way through. The extremely flexible seat system can be adapted to suit a wide range of transportation needs. The front passenger seat backrest, for ex­ample, can be folded forwards and can also be completely removed (both functions available as an option). Both segments of the 1/3 and 2/3 asymmetrically split rear seat bench feature folding backrests, whilst the seat cushions can be folded up and completely removed. The child seats for the third row of seats, likewise available as an option, are designed for children weighing between 12 and 36 kilograms. Even the backrests on these seats can be folded forwards or, of course, completely removed. And Vaneo customers can also opt for integral child seats in the second row of seats (these child seats are a standard feature of the "Family" line).

Five engines, three lines and five optional equipment packages

Five engine variants are available for the Vaneo – two economical diesels and three petrol units, with output from 55 kW/75 hp to 92 kW/125 hp. Combined with the three lines - "Trend", "Family" and "Ambiente" – and the "Bike", "Snow", "Surf", "Dog" and "Carry" accessories packages, this means that the prospective customer can choose from a wide range of basic mod­els to fulfil his or her individual requirements. The lines, for example, are all tailored to specific customer preferences, with the "Family" variant fitted as standard with a host of features including a pull-out load compartment floor, integral child seats for the second row of seats, a second interior mir­ror and red interior lighting in the rear of the vehicle in order to keep an eye on the children during journeys in the dark. The "Trend", meanwhile, repre­sents a high-quality and well-equipped entry variant, whilst the "Ambiente" adds an extra touch or two of luxury.

The accessories packages allow the customer to make their Vaneo even more specialised. The "Bike" package responds to the needs of cyclists, the "Snow" is the right choice for winter sports enthusiasts, the "Surf" will give water sports devotees what they're looking for, the "Dog" is a welcome ad­dition for lovers of man's best friend, and the "Carry" appeals in particular to mixed users with a wide range of transportation needs.