Scale Model A Classes

There are several model A Classes on the market - some better than others. The Cararama ones appear to be the most accurate except that the window near the side mirrors is missing ie it's a solid panel.

Cararam 1/43

1/43 Scale Cararamas

Several plastic 3.5mm/foot HO scale models are made by a couple of German manufactuers including Viking. These are the most accuarte but are poor value, as well as being the wrong scale for UK model railways. Also being made from plastic they lack the "feel good factor".

Scale Models

From left to right

Dickie Diecast made in China by Welly
1/43 Scale Cararama made in China by Hongwell
1/72 Scale Cararama/Schuco made in China by Hongwell
Siku Germany
Guisval (not shown) Spain

Cararama - The 1/43 scale models are available in blue, red, silver and black whilst the 1/72 come in red, orange and blue. They are suitable for use on model railways and come from a large range of types.

VW Beetle and A Class

1/72 Scale Beetle and A Class